Thursday, September 6, 2018

No Quilts Yet But Getting Into Sewing Things!

I have not started sewing any quilts yet but I will be working up to that. It is on my list of things to do in the future; gradually working up to that. I want to get more used to my sewing machine.

I have found lots of books on quilting; both printed and e-book. I have a couple of e-books on my Kindle but it is not easy to see since the screen is monochromatic. Fortunately there are e-book apps for phones, tablets and computers that show the photos in color and one can easily (IIRC) turn the pages forward and backward.

I have found some apps on sewing and quilting. Since I can print from my phone or my tablet, I can print the patterns on my printer - don't have to transfer them to the computer to print them (might anyway to save the patterns to my computer and a flash drive).

There groups that one can get help with too. One is on Facebook; Quilting For Beginners. One can not only get help there but also be inspired by what others have done or questions they have asked.

I have found some sewing apps and some apps with patterns. I want to try some of these before advancing to quilts.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Quilting for Beginners at Facebook

There is a group at Facebook called Quilting For Beginners. It is free to join.

Even though it indicates it is for beginners, it seems it is good for all levels of quilters. I have seen quilts that are very well done. Quilts - photos posted to the group - that look like they were done by those who have been quilting for quite awhile.

I have found there was a lot of good information on quilting. There are a lot of quilting question answered. I have learned a lot and think there is much to learn from this group.

It is not just on quilting techniques but also on the machines and tools used to create quilts; all kinds of quilts, from small ones like mug rugs to big ones that cover ones bed to all sorts in between.

I joined the group to learn much. I am just beginning to learn to sew and one day to learn how to quilt. With the knowledge of how to use the sewing machine, there is a lot that one can create with it.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Folding Adjustable Sewing Crafting Computer Table at Walmart?

I was looking for a folding sewing table. I have to gone to sewing stores and the prices are usually higher than what I wanted to pay. I was given some ideas as where to look for table. One of the places was Staples and another was Walmart. I have bought small folding tables at Staples but the legs were crossed underneath. That might be a problem in placing the sewing machine pedal. It would also be a problem when stretching my legs when I use it with my computer. 

I found the tables below at Walmart. There was just over twenty five dollars each. Other tables I saw were at least one hundred dollars. I also like the look of the tables too. It has straight legs that are height adjustable. It not only has legs that folds up but also the table folds in half. I can take both of them in the back of my little car - a Smart Fortwo Passion - plus the box that has my sewing supplies. 

Here is the table I found being used as a computer table. I can stretch my legs out underneath while on the couch. It shows that one can place a pedal underneath it when I put my sewing machine on top. The sewing machine is portable and I carry it in a case that folds and has a handle. I can tow the sewing machine with one hand and carry the table with the other one.

This shows it being folded up. It has a handle to make it easier to carry. I did not notice it when I transported it home but will use it when moving it. Since I live in a small house, being able to fold it and store it would be a plus. I plan to do more sewing since I have a great table to use it on.

It will help me to really get started doing sewing and eventually quilting. 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Took A Sewing Class!

I took a sewing class. It was one that was held at a Joann Fabric store. The store is at a mall in Middleton MA. It seems there are many Joann Fabric stores but only a few that hold classes; at least in my part of the country (which is Massachusetts).

The class started at 6:00 pm and ended at 8:30 but actually ended at 9:00 pm just before the store closed. The instructor did quite a good job. I learned a lot from her. She helped me learn about the sewing machine I bought (an inexpensive one from Walmart). I learned about using my sewing machine. I learned about the settings and how to thread the machine, and tips on using it. We made a small pillow. It was fun.
It is not big but nice and fluffy. I chose the fabric, sewed it on my sewing machine and and stuffed it with filling. It is a nice feeling seeing something that I made. 

I have been at a couple of Joann Fabrics. They are really nice stores and have a lot of fabric and items for a variety of crafts. The stores are well laid out and well stocked (at least for what I was looking for). I was able to purchase some of the items I needed for the class that I went to.

I have been to a couple of other fabric stores but they were more for curtains and furniture. They were really nice but the fabric was thicker than I needed. They were also farther than I hoped to travel. They were big with a lot of variety of fabrics. 

my personal website
a work in progress

images of my art that is printed on a variety of items

Monday, February 19, 2018

Fabric Blowout Sale at Holiday Inn in Nashua NH

I went to a fabric blow sale at the Holiday Inn in Nashua NH. It was not big but it did have a lot of stuff for sale. I bought fabric pieces, batting, a Dr Who cloth and patterns. It was really nice. I had fun looking around. They had some really nice quilting gadgets and sewing machines. There was grab bags of batting, fabric pieces. There was patterns that were 3 for a dollar.
It was getting toward the end of the time it was open. It was open the day before and the day after.

There wasn't a lot of people there at the time but they could have come the day earlier, earlier in the day I went or planning on coming the day after I went. 

There was a lot to look at.

There was a lot of bargains and grab bags. 

I bought this Dr Who cloth. I am not sure what to do with it but I have been given ideas from my older sister and from a Facebook group called 'quilting for beginners'. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Quilt of Valor?

At one quilting / quilt show, I saw this group. They are creating quilts for soldiers. The group is the Quilts of Valor Foundation. I think they are doing something really nice for the soldiers. I have seen photos of the quilts and they are really nice. I have seen the display at the quilt show. I think it is good to help others who put their lives on the line to help us.
There are a lot of photos in this section. It shows the good and comfort that they do in making quilts. I think this is a good cause for those who quilt and want something to help others. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Merrimack Valley Quilters Quilt Show 2017

I have been to this show this year. There was a lot of really nice quilts there and vendors selling quilting related items. There were vendors selling squares, sewing machines, patterns, kits and quilting tools.

At the show, I picked the schedule for 2017. It will be from September 29 to 30 of 2017. It is from 9 AM to 4 PM. It is located at Hope Church at 11 Hale Street, Newburyport MA. Admission is $8 with childredn under 12 free. I think it is very reasonable. It is handicap accessible with ample parking.

The list of what is happening (taken from the pamphlet) is:
1 - Over 150 quilts on display
2 - challenge quilts
3 - professionally judged
4 - boutique
5 - raffle
6 - unique vendors
7 - demonstrations
8 - fabulous food
9 - special exhibits